Research office


The Office performs the following activities:

  • Follows up the calls for projects financed by different programs and informs the interested employees within the University;
  • Follows up the calls for participation in conferences, symposia and seminars and informs the interested employees within the University;
  • Participates in the team coordination of research project: assists in the preparation of project documentation, follows up the realization of the project phases, submits reports on the extent of their realization, corresponds with the other participants in the project, participates in the meetings regarding coordination and planning of the remaining activities;
  • Gives technical and administrative support;
  • Provides materials and helps in the updating of the Research part of the web page;
  • Prepares information and reports for the needs of the University and, on request, for institutions outside the University;
  • Actively participates in organization of the digital and paper documentation of its activities;
  • Organizes collection, organization and processing of statistic data and other documentation;
  • Manages the UGD e-repository;
  • Keeps records (database) of the research laboratories within the University;
  • Provides forms and guidelines for research project applications and their realization;
  • Keeps records of and administrates with UGD projects;
  • Keeps records of papers (by UGD authors) published in journals with impact factor.