Research center

The main activity of Goce Delcev University – Stip is built on the unity between the research and the teaching processes as lasting values. The close tie between the research and the teaching processes arises from the awareness that through methodology and the applicative role of science at the University, an academic atmosphere is created and maintained as a crucial element in the educational process.    

The University nourishes and produces academic values that traditionally stand high on the general scale of social values. The positive academic values are based on the driving force that comes as a result of the research activities. The academic heritage, independence, autonomy and credibility are the fundamental elements that can raise new generations of intellectuals, outstanding professionals and individuals who will take the responsibility for the future of the society. Research work plays an important role in achieving this goal as it helps develop the personal qualities of each individual as a crucial element of the academic community.

Research work within the University is based on individual approach to projects that reflects and maintains the minimum development of academic nuclei. Thus, the University is presented as a mosaic picture of numerous research sections. Goce Delcev University strongly supports these research nuclei because as they rapidly develop the particular scientific field, they rapidly promote the University in Europe and worldwide. This support is presented by special research funds which, through defined procedure, can be used by particular research nuclei as a financial support to their research activities.

In order to support young scientists, the University promotes and finances special development programs such as second and third cycle study programs. The University will continue to motivate students by regularly involving them in ongoing research projects within the research nuclei-departments, as well as by introducing special awards for best research or professional papers made by students.