Science and Research

Since the establishment of the University one of its main goals, besides creating of young educated people that will be competitive on the labor market and the needs of the modern society, has been the strive to provide excellent conditions for research that will not only meet the needs of its own staff, but of the business community as well, which has more dynamic requirements, in terms of resources, technology, services and innovative solutions to improve quality of life, community development and environmental protection.

During the last few years Macedonia has been following the European trend for educated society in all segments of professional life. The level of knowledge and skills that the society demands from the academic professionals and the prospective employees has been changing as well. Professionals need to possess knowledge, creativity, as well as innovative skills in order to be able to meet the demands of the market. In order to meet these demands science and research are playing an increasingly important role and they are substituting the merely academic researches with a variety of researches focused on innovative, interdisciplinary knowledge oriented to solution of practical problems in their regions and wider, as well as to meet the need for lifelong education of the work force.

Through its specialized applied research center and modern equipped laboratories, Goce Delcev University provides an enviable base for research both for academic purposes and for assistance to the public and private sectors in breaking new grounds and becoming more competitive not only on the domestic market but on the international one as well.