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Research projects financed by UGD 2017


Comparative Research of the Macedonian an Vlach national costume and forming the etnological exhibition with permanent character -   Vangja Dimitrijeva
Supplemental instruction as a tool for improving students' language competence at the Faculty of Philology - Nina Daskalovska
Application of biotechnological methods for improvement of plant speciesLiljana Koleva Gudeva
Chemical characterization of wine, alcoholic beverages and food by instrumental techniques - Violeta Ivanova Petropulos
Oportunities and perspectives for the development of tourism in the Crna River basinCane Koteski
The impact of the social determinants on the perinatal outcome of the newborn children - Elizabeta Zisovska
Identification of minerals from the Alinci (Crn kamen) locality by using XRD and SEM-EDS methods - Tena Sijakova-Ivanova
Development of Secure and Reliable Techniques for Data CommunicationAleksandra Mileva
Thiol/disulfide status and oxidized lipoproteins in persons with high atherogenic risk and patients with ischemic chest pain - Tatjana Ruskovska
Big Band (concert jazz orchestra) - Antonijo Kitanovski
MBC analysis of most commonly used antiseptics and disinfectants in hospital conditions and the correlation between their structure and activityBiljana Gorgeska
Traditional music culture in Stip at the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX centuryStefanija Leskova Zelenkovska
The contribution of pharmacists in control of antibiotic resistance - Bistra Angelovska
Model for improving the performance within the hospitality industry and tourism in MacedoniaElizabeta Mitreva
Study of the geological, morphogenetic and geoecological characteristics of the ore deposits in the Republic of Macedonia - Todor Serafimovski
Isolation and identification of bacteria from mines Alshar and SasaVaso Taleski
Study of plum pox potyvirus disease of stone fruits in the Republic of MacedoniaSasa Mitrev
Multidisciplinary approach to the production of new varieties of sunflowerSasa Mitrev
Factors for education of motivation and migration of youth from the eastern and southeastern region of Republic of MacedoniaStrasko Stojanovski
Language, culture and folklore of the Macedonian emigrants in TurkeyJovanka Denkova
Forms of financing the growth of small and medium ptretprijatija with a focus on eastern planning region development - Risto Fotov
Contributions in mathematical theory, mathematical modelling and their applications - Tatjana Atanasova - Pacemska
The role and significance of the State Attorney's Office in the justice system of the Republic of Macedonia - Igor Kambovski
Bioactive components, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of extracts from fruits and Mentha - Violeta Dimovska
Strengthening (of) the capacity of women entrepreneurs in Republic of Macedonia, as a developing country - Elenica Sofijanova
Macedonian National Identity in the British and American Diplomatic and Intelligence Service 1919-1945Todor Cepreganov
Assessment correlation of renal calculi with dental stone - Ivona Kovacevska
Analysis of entrepreneurial potential with a focus on entrepreneurial intentions of young people in developing countries - Ljupco Davcev